This site was originally created to accumulate ex Marconi and English Electric people who were apprentices on the 1956 and 1957 HND Sandwich Courses in Chelmsford.  Since its inception in January 2011, however, this website has expanded considerably not only by joining date (now 1946 to 1986) but also by content (now over 900 names).  Many of those listed commenced their courses at the Mid-Essex Technical College & School of Art in Chelmsford and many of them stayed for their first year at either St. Mary’s Lodge, Springfield Place, Brooklands, Phoenix House or Waterhouse Lane hostels.
This site relies extensively on the ‘fusion’ or ‘networking’ principle where someone knows someone who knows someone else etc.  Therefore it is important your emails keep coming in to not only update your own details but also to introduce others.  You are reminded that this site will not list postal addresses or telephone numbers, and the use of all email addresses will be approved by their holders prior to listing in the names register.
All changes, additions and photographs should be sent to the “contact us” panel on the left.  Update emails are usually sent out at the end of each month.
To help advertise this MOFS site and extract more ex-Marconi apprentices from the universe a one-page site, open to the public, has been prepared here.  You should also direct people to this site, where the application form to join MOFS is included, if you believe they were an apprentice.  This MOFS site will of course remain private.
Also, if you have experience and you would like to share this with us for documenting the history of our company please click here.
Campaign to save Hall Street as the first wireless factory here
New members for June
Nigel Adams (1975)
New members for May
Hugh Kindell (1955)
New members for April
Hugh Buckle (1960), Nick Williams (1976), David Smith (1984)
Recent updates:
29-May-2015 – Update to names register (V.105) and matching index (V.32) here
21-May-2015 – Sandford Mill open day in April here
30-Apr-2015 –  Marconi Training Manual ~1957 here / General articles
30-Apr-2015 –  Update to names register (V.104) and matching index (V.31) here

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